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Lately I entered two important challenges to Physics in two important

experiments. One involves the Fusion Barrier Principle and the second

involves a Superconductivity Experiment. Two experiments that anyone

can perform and repeat and report whether they reached the same 

conclusions. I posted these two challenges to the sci newsgroups such as

sci.physics or sci.engr. If you like experimentation, have a go at them.

Plutonium's assessment of his ideas 

(1) Plutonium Atom Totality theory. According to this theory, there was no Big Bang, but rather progressive growth from a Hydrogen Atom Totality into the present "Plutonium Atom Totality", in which the galaxies are dots of the electron-dot-cloud. 


PHYSICS", Archimedes Plutonium

Internet book published 1993-2007 (amassed in

Jan-Feb 2007 in sci.physics,sci.math) The second edition completed

August 2007 in sci.physics and sci.math.

(1.2) Monograph book: "All Matter is made up of atoms, and the Universe is

matter, hence the Universe is one big atom; Syllogism", Archimedes Plutonium

Internet published book 2006-2007, amassed in May 2007 in sci.physics,sci.math,


(2) Fusion Barrier Principle. Fission energy is the highest form of energy that is able to be controlled and surpass breakeven. A Tokamak such as JET or ITER can only reach 2/3 breakeven because 1/3 of the input energy is forever lost in controlling the device. 

(2.1) Monograph-Book:  "FUSION BARRIER PRINCIPLE", Archimedes Plutonium

Internet book published 1997-2007 (amassed in March 2007 in sci.physics,sci.math)

(3) Correct theory of Superconductivity is that it is a series of Capacitor buildups

in nanosecond time and then discharges of the Capacitor and we perceive

this Capacitor current as a continuous current because of the brief time interval.

Capacitor is the main mechanism and this explains superconductivity geometry

of perovskites and tells us that Lightning bolt currents were superconductor

phenomenon as well as Wimshurst generator currents. Capacitor also explains

Meissner Effect as well as Quantum Hall Effect.  The BCS theory with

its Cooper pairing of electrons was a fakery. 

(3.1) Textbook: "How SUPERCONDUCTIVITY Really Works; Nanosecond Capacitor buildups then discharges", Archimedes Plutonium

Internet published book 1993-2008 (amassed in Jan-Apr 2008 in

sci.physics, sci.chem, sci.physics.electromag)

(4) Unification of the Forces of Physics as a Coulomb Unification. Unification logically and obviously means one force and the only force that is perfect is the Coulomb force, which means the strong-nuclear-force combines with the weak-nuclear to make a nuclear-coulomb-force. The Nuclear-Coulomb force arises

from the *nuclear electron* which is inside every neutron in the nucleus of atoms

wherein this nuclear-electron spills out and runs around holding together all

the protons in the nucleus. A normal electron has more space than attractive

force whereas a nuclear-electron trades space for more attractive force. As for the force of gravity which is mathematically identical to the Coulomb force only 10^40 weaker means that gravity is Space itself as a magnetic monopole. Here I am recalling Dirac's ocean of positrons and that the vacuum of Space is really a ocean of positrons that attracts matter and

we see it as gravity. 


COULOMB UNIFICATION", Archimedes Plutonium

Internet book published 1993-2007 (amassed in March 2007 in sci.physics,sci.math)

(5) For biology, the theory of Darwin Evolution is flawed, it is not a theory but a rule or algorithm that captures some of what happens in biology. What replaces Evolution is Superdeterminism. The Bell Inequality with the Aspect Experiments show us that Quantum Physics is on the large-scale and that events are connected stretching across the entire distance of the Universe. You cannot have  both Evolution which is based on free-will and probabilities, and also have Superdeterminism. Only one can be true. 

(5.1) Biophysics trilogy book series: "Darwin Evolution replaced by

Superdeterminism from Quantum Mechanics" Archimedes Plutonium, published

on Internet 1995-2008, newsgroups of sci.physics,, and amassed in April 2008.

(5.2) Biophysics trilogy book series: "Photons and Neutrinos have "perfect DNA/RNA" packaged inside" Archimedes Plutonium, published on Internet 1995-2008, newsgroups of sci.physics, sci.physics.electromag, and amassed in April-May 2008.

(5.3) Biophysics trilogy book series: "Photons in physics have the ability

to duplicate, much like cells in biology replicate" Archimedes Plutonium, published on Internet, newsgroups of sci.physics, sci.physics.electromag, and amassed in April-May 2008.

(6) For Astrophysics, one textbook on how the galaxies are created and formed via Dirac Radioactivities and their placement in the Universe is due to a Double Slit

Fringe Pattern. And a second textbook on why the Nebular Dust Cloud theory is a

fake replaced by Growing Solar System theory.

(6.1) Textbook  "Growing-Solar-System theory via Dirac

New-Radioactivity replaces Nebular-Dust-Cloud theory", Archimedes

Plutonium, Internet book published 1993-2007 (amassed in

Sept 2007 in sci.physics,sci.astro,sci.geo.geology)

(6.2) Textbook: "How the Universe is organized into Galaxies and Voids by the

Atom Totality", Archimedes Plutonium

Internet published book 2008  in sci.astro,

sci.physics, sci.math

(7) For Geology: Planets are electric-generators (dynamos) theory where they grow by Dirac radioactivity accruing cosmic rays from the nucleus of the Atom Totatlity (debunking the Nebular Dust Cloud theory) and where Plate Tectonics is driven not

by convection cells but by Vibrations caused by the cores dynamo-motor. An important missing term of plate movement is lightning-bolt strikes which adds a direction component to the drift of continents and lubricant to the plates lifted by

magnetism. The continents basically look like this | | | on one hemisphere of Earth and the other hemisphere is the Pacific Ocean.

(7.1) Textbook: " Plate Tectonics is driven not by convection cells but

by Vibrations of the core of Earth acting as a dynamo-motor", Archimedes Plutonium, Internet book published 2006-2008 (amassed in sci.physics,sci.geo.geology, sci.astro)

(7.2) Monograph-book: "How Earth got an oversupply of water and how Comets

and the Rings of Saturn got their water", Archimedes Plutonium, Internet

book published 2008 (amassed in sci.physics,sci.geo.geology,


(8) For Anthropology: Stonethrowing theory. This theory states that every planet that has intelligent life all came through one and the same channel of events where a creature began throwing of rocks and stones and that throwing behaviour will catapult that species to intelligence and civilization. The likelihood is that every alien intelligent lifeform had ancestors that lived in trees because treeclimbing bone anatomy is a short distance in change to bone anatomy of stonethrowing. And Stonethrowing theory says that throwing created bipedalism, so throwing came first and created bipedalism. This theory states that the difference between apes and humans resulted some 8 to 10 million years ago from a solo quadruped ape that "started throwing rocks overarm and overhead". This activity gave the ape advantages in getting food and more females for mating purposes by killing other rivals using throwing. 


ANTHROPOLOGY", Archimedes Plutonium

Internet book published 2002-2007 (assimilated in

March 2007 in sci.anthropology.paleo,,


(x) For Archaeology: It is missing a vital period of human history where waterwheels played a huge role in who would become superpowers. And why the Roman superpower migrated north to that of France and Germany in the Holy Roman superpowerdom and then finally the England superpowerdom. History has main chapters based on "energy developments and technology" and our current history books miss and completely skip over the important chapter of waterwheel technology.

(xx) For Medical Science: The Metal Causation coupled with Weak-Protein-Point in the body when foreign metals are present. These 5 family-related-diseases of Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Prion, Autism, Schizophrenia are mostly caused by foreign mercury in the body in conjunction with other metals such as cesium and rubidium and silver. When the body has these foreign metals, they wreck havoc on proteins and protein synthesis and start the disease. We need a new tool of Mass Spectroscopy of disease tissue to find out exactly what metals and the amount of metals that cause these 5 diseases.

(xx) For Political Science and for Economics: I have shown that the foundation base of these two sciences is that of "land rights" and "food" respectively. And I have endeavored to point out where these two sciences are heading for in a million years from now, provided humanity has not extincted itself. In that the goal of humanity is to survive as long as possible in our solar system which could be 5 billion years in the future. It means a parsimonous plan in using up our greatest asset-- the uranium and thorium in the solar system. So if we act wisely, humanity can live to the ripe age of 5 billion years. If we act foolishly, which present indications are that we are acting foolishly, we will extinct ourselves in a million years or less.

(xx) For Psychology, the Brain Locus Theory derived from the Atom Totality with its Superdeterminism via Bell Inequality. This Brain Locus theory says that the mind is like a radio receiver and thoughts occur out-of-body. In fact the Protons in the Nucleus of the Atom Totality shoot neutrinos and photons in the brains of all living organisms and forces them to have the "thought or action". 

(xx) For mathematics, from 1993 to present I have made progress in proving these statements: Riemannian geometry +(union) Lobachevsky geometry = Euclidean geometry which is equivalent to this statement: Natural-Numbers are the positive Adic-Rationals +(union) negative Adic-Rationals = Reals And a consequence of those statements is that the Natural Numbers are a fake set, an illusional set, and that the Natural Numbers are really infinite species. They are the Adic-Integers which I call Infinite Integers. Once mathematics understands this change then all the old unproven conjectures of Number Theory such as Riemann Hypothesis, Goldbach conjecture, Fermat's Last Theorem are proven.

I am also the first to prove Riemann Hypothesis, Poincare Conjecture, Kepler Packing, 4 Color Mapping, Fermat's Last Theorem, Goldbach Conjecture. I am the first to show the flaws in the Peano Axioms which are self-contradictory for the

Peano Natural Numbers can be shown to be uncountable. I also

show where the Goedel Incompleteness Theorem is a fake since it depends

on Peano axioms. 

New Book:  "Correcting Present Day Mathematics and Setting it on

Course for the Next 2 Millenium; 

Eucl geom = Riem geom union Loba geom; Reals =

positive Adics union negative Adics", Archimedes


Internet book published 1993-2007 (assimilated in

Jan-Feb 2007 in sci.math,sci.physics)

(xx) Reversing Global-Warming with an Earth Air-Conditioner. For years I thought a CFC-variant would form the basis of a Earth Air Conditioner so we would need no transportive system. Then in 2005 I thought Aluminium Sequin is the lowest base form of a Air Conditioner where we inject aluminum sequin into orbit to reflect the heat of the Sun. By 2006, I realized that some form of Paper Sequin transported by mostly commercial aircraft in their cargo haul emitted at the apogee of their flightpath. I needed models and the Pinatuba Volcano of 1991-1992 with its 30 Km cube of reflectants caused the coolest summer in recorded history. I needed another model for the reflectants such as Cottonwood seeds or perhaps Thistle seeds that float around for a long time in air currents. These two models of Pinatuba and thistle seed would be Earth's first Air Conditioner and in future years we can build more elaborate and more controllable Earth Air-Conditioner. 

(xx) Mutually Assured Destruction Fleet, MAD Fleet for political science: A fleet for the purpose of preventing ever any nuclear missile attack launching. Composed of all countries who want to contribute. The fleet parks itself off the coast of a threatening country/s such as Pakistan and India in 2001-2002. If a country launches nuclear missile then the Fleet launches nuclear missiles and annihilates the aggressor. The Cuban Missile Crisis in the 1960s is an example of the MAD Fleet. Another function of the Fleet is to park off of NorthKorea or Iran and should they attack the Fleet in any way shape or form then the Fleet is obliged to regime change the rogue country. The MAD Fleet injects onto our world a motivation and incentive for countries who have nuclear missiles to scrap them and for countries who do not have nuclear missiles to never build them. 

(xx) Human Overpopulation is the number one major factor that causes most wars and is the number one social evil on this planet Earth. Wars occur periodically of about a 30 years spaced apart due to human generational birthing. USA Civil War and Franco-Prussian War and WW1 then WW2 are examples of where human population is beyond its means and violence and war erupt due mainly to human overpopulation. We must correct ourselves of human overpopulation because if we do not then we extinct many species of animals and lessen diversity. We run the risk of nuclear war and thus nuclear pollution. We have conquered Earth's physical environment to lend us comfort but we have yet to conquer our own greed of filling this planet chock full of people. As long as we do not control human population we have the recurring and increasing evils of wars, pollution, terrorism, starvation, crime etc. When we do not solve overpopulation then wars, disease, starvation, pollution, crime, terror ensue and solve it for us. Until we solve human overpopulation we should not call ourselves Homo sapiens but Homo dumbo and we should not be called an intelligent species but a reckless species. I believe this problem is best tackled with a combination of laws restricting the number of babies and a incentive of human cloning to those that obey the law. 

(xx) The Optimal Strategy from VonNeumann Gametheory for Playing the StockMarket is that of switching campaigns with the technique of Crossover. Which I have demonstrated with SBC and BCE shares for the years 2004 and 2005. When one crosses-over the other I sell and buy the other increasing the total number of share units. I prove it is the optimal strategy because it is the only strategy that has 2 forms of currency-- paper money currency and shares of stock as currency. 

(xx) For History, the theory of history that it is part of physics and as physics, repeats in large-parts in blocks, such as the analogy of Galileo rolling balls down inclined planes repeats from one experiment to another experiment.

History, because of Superdeterminism, history is physics. And that the course of human history is a unfolding of a science physics notebook. And that the technique to forecast future history is to find the applicable past analogy. For example, the Vietnam war was easy to spot as a defeat for the USA since the applicable past analogy was the defeat of the French

colonialism in Vietnam.

(xx) For Religion, I have shown what religion really is-- science precursor, or

preliminary science. Whenever we find ourselves in a situation in which we have little to no scientific

understanding, we breakdown into a religious mode. But as facts and data 

and understanding reveal themselves we discard the religious mode and adhere

to the science mode. With the Atom Totality theory, I am the first human to know

what God looks like and the purpose of human life. Since God is one big atom

then God looks like the 5f6 of 231Pu pictured in chemistry. And the purpose of

life in an Atom Totality is to nucleosynthesize the elements beyond plutonium

which are not nucleosynthesized in the stars. In other words, life is cold-stars. It

is a life-form that creates the next God which is the 96Element Atom Totality. God

is an atom and it brought forth life to create the next Atom Totality. The only real

truth in the Cosmos is scientific truth and that means God is Science, and Science

is god. Atom!

I am writing about 100 books on Science on the Internet. I have about 20 of those 

books in near-completion, and I update and revise them through the years. These books were published on the Internet science newsgroups going all the way back

to 1993 since these books are an assimilation and amassing of my posts to the sci newsgroups. They are listed below in what I feel is their order of importance.

(xxx) Textbook:  "Mathematical-Physics (AP-adics primer) for bright students

aged 6 years and older", Archimedes

Plutonium, Internet book published 1993-2007 (amassed in

Sept-Dec 2007 in sci.math,sci.physics,

(xxx) Book:  "Correcting Present Day Mathematics and Setting it on

Course for the Next 2 Millenium", Archimedes

Plutonium, Internet book published 1993-2007 (amassed in

Jan-Feb 2007 in sci.math,sci.physics)

(xxx) Monograph-Book: "Correcting the Logical Flaws of Euclid's Infinitude

of Primes Proof", Archimedes Plutonium Internet book published 1993-2006

(amassed March 2006 in sci.math,sci.logic)( Second Edition April


(xxx) Book:  "Brain Locus Theory; How the Mind Works;

Brain as a Radio/TV Receiver Theory", Archimedes Plutonium

Internet book published 1993-2007 (amassed in

July 2007 in sci.physics, sci.psychology.theory,


ANTHROPOLOGY", Archimedes Plutonium

Internet book published 2002-2007 (amassed in

March 2007 in sci.anthropology.paleo,,


(xxx) Monograph-Book: "Extinction of Homo sapiens from a science

viewpoint", Archimedes Plutonium, Internet published 1997-2007

(amassed in May 2007 in sci.physics,, sci.astro)

(xxx) Book: "Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) Fleet Saves the World

from Nuclear Detonations and Radioactive Pollution", Archimedes Plutonium

Internet book published 2002-2007 (amassed in May 2007 in

soc.history, talk.politics.theory, sci.logic)

(xxx) TextBook: "Metal Causation coupled with Weak-Protein-Point ^Theory of

Medicine (Alzheimer, Autism, Parkinson, Prion, Schizophrenia)",

Archimedes Plutonium, Internet book published 1996-2007 (amassed

in April 2007 in,sci.chem,

(xxx) Monograph-Book: "Solving Global Warming and Building Earth's First

Planetary Air-Conditioner",

Archimedes Plutonium, Internet book published 2002-2007

(amassed April 2007 in sci.physics,sci.environment,soc.history)

(xxx) Book:  "Protecting Earth Ecosystem and Environment", Archimedes

Plutonium, Internet book published 1990s-2008 (amassed in

Jan-Feb 2008 in, sci.environment, sci.chem)

(xxx) Constitution book: SCIENCE COUNCIL: ultimate political

ruling body over countries. Archimedes Plutonium, Internet published

starting to amass in Feb 2008.

(xxx) Book:  "What Religion is; and how science has started to replace it", Archimedes Plutonium, Internet book published 1993-2007 (amassed in

August 2007 in sci.physics,sci.math)


Plutonium, Internet book published 2003-2007 (amassed in

March 2007 in sci.archaeology, sci.logic, soc.history)

(xxx) Book:  "Optimal Strategy for Playing the StockMarket:

VonNeumann Game theory and Crossover Technique", Archimedes

Plutonium, Internet book published 1993-2007 (amassed in

March 2007 in sci.econ,sci.math)

(xxx) Book:  "Exposing the Optimal Strategy of Playing Chess", Archimedes

Plutonium, Internet book published 1993-2008 (amassed in

Jan-Feb 2008 in sci.math, sci.logic, sci.engr)

The Internet sci newsgroups have thousands of my posts from years 1993 to the present day under the names Ludwig Plutonium, to Archimedes Plutonium and for the past few years going by a_plutonium. I averaged about 4 posts per day from 1993 to  Sept 2006. So you can do the maths. Approx 13 years X 365 X 4 is approx 19,000 posts by me during 1993 to that of Sept of 2006. After Sept

2006 my posting increased to about 5 or 6 posts per day because I need to get these books assimilated.

Yes, that is my legal name of Archimedes Plutonium and I am a real person. My name has legally changed several times during my life. 

Short Biography of my life:

Archimedes Plutonium, nickname AP, born July 5, 1950 in Arzberg West-Germany as Ludwig Poehlmann to

parents of family name Poehlmann, Engel, and Widmann. A genealogy search

is underway to see whether AP is genetically related to F. Engel, 1880s who worked with Sophus Lie for his genetic mother's side of the family of Engel. And

J. Widmann, 1480s who published the first math book in which negative signs were

used, since Widmann is on his father's mother side. Both F. Engel and J. Widmann resided in Leipzig Germany, near his birthplace of Arzberg Germany. But the 

genealogy work is not complete. The fascinating question about this is whether there is a 

genetic link involved as to whether a scientist will end up doing important science, in that say Kepler or Newton or  Faraday or Maxwell or Bohr or Dirac when their genealogy is traced far enough backwards in time will have a found intellectual heavyweights in their genealogy. I am questioning whether a mind for doing good

science has a component of genetics, or, whether a science mind is superdetermined and not much of a genetic basis. But it would be interesting

to have the above answers.

Archimedes Plutonium is primarily noted for his varied contributions to ideas and theories of science. And in the history of science, the greatest contributors have often been unrecognized until long after they are dead, e.g. Democritus and the Atomic theory. Other examples are Copernicus and Galileo. Some were recognized such as Newton, but most of them were seldom recognized while they lived. The reason for this is because the greatest contributors to human thought are too advanced for their own time in which they lived and worked, and their contemporaries lacked the ability to objectively understand, evaluate and test the new ideas. 

The first appearances of Archimedes Plutonium's ATOM TOTALITY theory was in the college newspaper of Hanover New Hampshire from 12July1991 and then about ten more published articles thereafter.

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Background 2 

Plutonium's claims 2.1 

Plutonium's assessment of his ideas 3 

Biographical notes 4 

Quotes 5 

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Because Mr. Plutonium has such a strange name, for he legally changed his name to that of Archimedes Plutonium, that most people upon first hearing of this name think and imagine it as a hoax or joke, but no, it is a real name to a real person. And the claim that Plutonium is a real person is corroborated by many photographs and articles by him in the College campus newspaper of Hanover, New Hampshire where November 11, 1991 and another picture of him 25 September 1997. According to an autobiography he posted to Usenet after 1993, Plutonium was born with the name Ludwig Poehlmann in Arzberg, Germany. His family came to the United States of America in his youth, settling near Cincinnati, Ohio. Ludwig was adopted in his teens by a local Landscape-Architect named Willis Hansen, 

probably for the reason that he could foresee him shipped out to the Vietnam War and being so bright of a lad, decided to adopt him and give him the opportunity of

a College education. And so his name was changed to Ludwig Hansen. His autobiography stated that he received an undergraduate degree in mathematics from the University of Cincinnati and did some graduate work at Utah State University, and headed off to Melbourne, Australia, to serve as a mathematics teacher in a High School in the early 1970s. He returned to the United States in mid 1970s due to his father's death. And in the late 1970s worked for a Masters degree

from Utah State University. At some point after his adoptive father's death, he changed his name to Ludwig van Ludvig.  His autobiography also stated that he spent some time in the United States Navy during the 1980s.  With the name

Ludwig van Ludvig, he arrived in Hanover, New Hampshire circa 1988 to write a book on stock-market investing. He was always self-employed and only took jobs to fit his desires and the desire in the late 1980s and first few years of 1990s was to write a book on stock-market and so to learn about computers and to have full access to a College, he took a menial part time job of 2 days per week. 

Then in November of 1990, Mr. Plutonium discovered the Atom Totality theory and devoted all his attention on this science idea; dropping his desire to write a book on the stock-market. And as luck would have it, the College was on the cutting edge of the Internet and thus allowing for Mr. Plutonium to broadcast his new ideas to a world public. In August of 1993, he found the science newsgroups of the Internet and began posting his Atom Totality theory and several proofs of mathematics under the name Ludwig Plutonium which was legally changed to Archimedes Plutonium in 1994. Mr. Plutonium was forced out of the Hanover New Hampshire region in 1999 due mostly to his ideas were too revolutionary and advanced compared to the conservative and backward College community there. And has moved to a region of the USA where there are fine, hard working and honest people and where it is peace and quiet, perhaps the finest area of the USA to live. He moved to a locale near Vermillion South Dakota where there is a University nearby in case he needs an extra bit of resource. And where it is peaceful and quiet surroundings. A place where he can grow and appreciate one of his most

beloved hobbies of growing trees,  and some horticulture specimens where there is rich topsoil. 

Plutonium's claims: In late 1990, Plutonium claims to have had the realization of his Plutonium Atom Totality Theory, a theory he claimed to be the most important breakthrough in scientific history. According to this theory, the Universe is a giant plutonium atom, and the part of the universe we are able to observe from Earth, including Earth itself, is somewhere in its outer electron shells, the 5f6, and where galaxies are pieces of the last electron of 231Pu. As Mr. Plutonium calls it: where dots of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies. 

               ::\ ::|:: /::


                    _ _


                    - - 


               ::/ ::|:: \::

The above is the ascii art of the 5f6 electron orbital of plutonium where the dots are dots of the electron-dot-cloud and each dot represents a galaxy.

Biographical notes In his autobiography (entitled at one point Ludwig Plutonium: the Chosen One, and claimed to be 2200 pages), Plutonium claims he started posting to Usenet on August 12 of 1993 under the name of Ludwig Plutonium. He posts and cross-posts mostly in the sci. (science) hierarchy. Other than the Plutonium ATOM Totality Theory, one of his most noteworthy announcements was that he has a single plutonium atom at the center of his brain in his Brain Locus Theory, which makes him a super genius. He claims this follows from the Plutonium Atom Totality Theory according to which thoughts and ideas do not originate in our own minds but are created in the nucleus of the atom-universe by the Nuclear entity and shot out as photons or neutrinos where the brain acts as a radio

antennae forcing the new thought or action.

Most of Plutonium's Usenet postings on science seemed to stem from his ability to draw analogies and comparisons; for instance the similarity he claimed to see between the entire universe and an atom is seen in Carl Sagan's book Cosmos where he wrote about this topic on page 267. Another case analogy is from the book PHYSICS, Part 2, Extended Version, 1986, Halliday & Resnick, page 572 for

it was that picture of the atom with dots that caught my attention long before 7 November 1990 and it was that day of 7 November 1990 where I connected the dots of the electron-dot-cloud as actual galaxies in an Atom Totality.

Many years later I would search the literature to see if the ancient Greeks had any

notion of an Atom Totality and found this:

 "A Short History of Atomism" by J.G. Gregory 1931 on page 4 where Gregory says " Democritus allowed all sizes to atoms; a single Democritean atom might even be, so some said, as big as the world". 

Quotes "God is Science, and Science is god" 

"God is this one big atom that comprises all the Universe, much like

what Spinoza discovered some centuries past, called pantheism. Where

we are a tiny part of God itself. And where there is a heaven and hell

in part of the atom structure. And where we will be judged by God when

we die and our photon and neutrino souls will reincarnate once again in

a future life somewhere in the Cosmos."

"The world's finest Bibles are current physics textbooks or biology or chemistry

textbooks such as Halliday & Resnick "Fundamentals of Physics" 1988."